• Casa Sana Is A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit located at 6809 Sleret Ave. Vancouver, WA 98664
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  • www.thriveperuexperience.com

Casa Sana presents The Thrive Peru Experience - a life changing immersion into the Peruvian Culture through voluntourism and community service. Become part of the Casa Sana family with a 3 day experience with Contribution, Culture and Connection. www.thriveperuexperience.com

Constructing and maintaining residence where young adults come to live, learn, and grow.

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International 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Advocate for Young Adults Since 2011!

Casa Sana was established to help young adults by providing them with the resources they need to break the cycle of poverty within their lives. We pave the way for a higher education through our Sponsorship program, which helps cover tuition costs, school supplies, and room/board.

Casa Sana's Community Service program helps meet the needs of the community, such as English lessons or children's books for local elementary schools.

Our vision is to build a Healing House in Piura, Peru, which will act as a residence and business for our sponsored young adults to stay and learn while they attend school.

Help us to continue making a difference for our future through those who are our future. Donate Now!

Community Service

  • Sep 21, 2015

    Retirement Center

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  • Sep 19, 2015

    Cura Mori

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  • Mar 10, 2015

    The Shantytown of 4 de Mayo

    Casa Sana held a workshop on self esteem and positive self-image. The name of the workshop was “Looking good, loving myself and much more”. Shanty town…

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  • Alex's Testimony

    “We encourage each other to do our best. Teamwork is very important and we need to have common targets to make Peru a better place to live. We have to be aware of the things that happen every day in our country. We do not want more violence and delinquency happening in our neighborhoods. We have to make changes.”

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  • Victor's Testimony

    “Here in Casa Sana, we care about each other and most important, we care about others. We do social work as a reminder of that there is always someone less fortunate than we are and that we are here to bring hope.”

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