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A Day in the Life of: Rosario Zegarra Part 1

A Day in the Life of: Rosario Zegarra Part 1

One of the most important members of our group, Rosario is our boots on the ground. She helps manage efforts in Peru, from making phone calls, to assisting English lessons for the Casa Sana kids. Meet Rosario Zegarra, the wonderful face of Casa Sana in Peru.

Managing several different aspects of Casa Sana , as well as her own family life, an average day starts at the crack of dawn. Her day starts out with helping around the house, making breakfast, and assisting her mother with physical therapy. In Peru, family is extremely important, so for Rosario living with her parents and big brother is something quite normal. Several years ago while getting ready to move to Canada, her mother had a stroke. "She was recovering really fast from it, but then came another one and [that] was devastating." So with that Rosario moved in to help with home expenses and recovery. "[Mom] was an elementary school teacher… [she] is an angel. She’s very sweet and also very funny."

By around 9 AM Rosario checks and writes back to e-mails, and sets up agendas for the work week to come. This could include phone calls to coordinate visits for kids regarding the different careers available, make confirmations, and set up rides for the kids of Casa Sana.

By 11 AM "[I] help my mom in the shower and supervise her while she gets dressed. Start getting ready to go to my grandma’s house. We go there on Mondays." After dropping her mother off at her grandmother's and having lunch, Rosario brings lunch to her father's shop and helps him there until around 7:30 PM. "My dad [was] also a teacher. He’s retired now and he works in a shop at the local market place." "Sometimes, if I need to see any Casa Sana kids then I leave earlier and/or Victor Martinez comes to [the shop]."

On Sundays, Rosario helps coordinate English lessons twice a month, and helps the kids reach these classes with their teacher; Pilar Correa. "[The] Casa Sana kids are learning the basics of English because none of them have been in contact with your native language. They are learning the alphabet, greetings, how to introduce themselves, etc."

"I have dinner with my mom and my brother and then I’m back to computer work from 7:30/8:00pm to 11pm. There are some nights that I go to bed after midnight… It all depends on how busy we’re at home and/or at the store and if there’s a Casa Sana event coming [up] soon."

Currently, Rosario is balancing several projects with the Casa Sana kids on upcoming events, such as selling raffle tickets for a Christmas party for children of special needs, scheduling and rehearsing singing lessons, and helping the kids color invitations for the Christmas party. Without her diligence and tireless efforts, we here at Casa Sana would not be able to make as much of an impact in Peru.