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Belen Paredes

Belen Paredes's Profile

Passion: English
Age: 16

My name is Hita Belen Paredes Piscoya, but everyone calls me Belen. I turn 18 years old in June 2015. I live with my mom Rosa; my oldest sisters Lilian and Marcia, my niece Alanis and my nephew Juan Pablo in a shantytown called “4 de mayo”.

I was admitted in the Communication and Media Faculty (Journalism) at the public college Universidad Nacional de Piura, by passing a written admission test. I am very excited about this new chapter in my life.

This opportunity will allow me to make new friends, meet my professors and attend daily classes from 7am to 3pm. I will be very busy reading, studying, and learning.

I am very grateful at all the support I have received from Casa Sana and I’m looking forward to our big community service day in September. Now that I am the secretary of the first Casa Sana Teens Board of Directors, I have given my word to work hard in order to help more and more kids and teens and to keep this generosity chain growing bigger.