• Casa Sana Is A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit located at 6809 Sleret Ave. Vancouver, WA 98664
  • 360-281-6919
  • madena@casasana.org
  • www.thriveperuexperience.com

Casa Sana presents The Thrive Peru Experience - a life changing immersion into the Peruvian Culture through voluntourism and community service. Become part of the Casa Sana family with a 3 day experience with Contribution, Culture and Connection. www.thriveperuexperience.com


Meeting The Parents Of The 2nd Generation Casa Sana Kids

This is the first meeting of the year for parents. They made a stop on their busy... routines to come to Casa Sana house and receive the first results of their kids’ vocational tests.

Jessica, our psychologist, made a clear…

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The Thrive Peru Experience

2016 is shaping up nicely here at Casa Sana and we are only a little over half way through the first month! As you know, we are a Non-Profit that Empowers Teens in Peru.

We are offering a Voluntourism Venture which will enable…

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Let international travel change your life

Did you know that only 5% of the population of the USA has traveled internationally?

That figure astounded me.

Travel is so important, especially International Travel. It gets you out of your comfort zone, it brings you…

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Mary Carmen: Pay It Forward Tuesday

It is true that life is full of obstacles, but these challenges are the salt and pepper to our daily routine, or at least that is how I see life.

Now I feel I’m growing as a young woman and I like it. I can’t deny I have had rough…

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Pay It Forward Challenge

On July 12 she said:

"To ALL my friends on Linkedin - I have a "pay if forward" challenge for you! If you do not already know, CASA SANA is a non profit started in Peru by my good, and long time friend Madena. The concept is one…

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A Lot of Things Are Happening

Big things are happening here at Casa Sana International! Our brand new Etsy Shop has launched, featuring three gorgeous oil on canvas paintings from Peruvian artist Ross as well as two additional paintings available for assorted print purchases.…

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Interview With Victor Martinez

  1. Mary: How do you feel working here? (This is a stationery store in the local market place).
    Victor: I feel good. I had an [issue] with a co-worker right after I started working, but we found a solution and now everything is on…

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Interview with Belen Paredes

Mary Suarez interviews Belen after she finished the English summertime course at the University of Piura.

  1. Mary: Do you think that the methodology used in the language center to teach English as a second language is appropriate?…

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A Good Sense of Humor

A lot of experiences in my life have helped me to grow up, and I want to share one of these latest experiences that brought me the following lesson with you. Nothing in life is just given to us. We all should work hard to achieve our goals…

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Donate to Casa Sana by shopping Amazon

We are excited to share with you another great way to support Casa Sana! As the holidays, New Year's, and family birthdays come closer, you may also find yourself struggling to also find ways to help those going without. Casa Sana has now…

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