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Diego Morales

Diego Morales

Apr 13, 2015

Casa Sana is proud to add Diego as one of our own!

A new teen has joined Casa Sana and is well on his way to forging a new path for his life. Diego Morales is 17 and comes from Ocoto Bajo; a small village in the desert area of Tambogrande in Piura province. Diego was living the same kind of life as most of his neighbors. He comes from a caring family, his Dad Luis works hard to provide for the family. His Mom Faustina is raising six children, Diego being the oldest, followed by one brother and four sisters. Diego had left school and was taking whatever work he could get, cleaning fish, picking fruit. But the teenage dreams he had of finding a well paid job and helping his family were proving to be just that, dreams.

Then, fate or karma (or in this case Casa Sana), threw some magic dust into the mix. Through the use of the internet to communicate and a bit of detective work on the part of Rosario Zegarra, Diego was put in touch with Susan and Mats. Susan and Mats sponsored Diego for many years through an international charity. They met Diego in 2008 when he was 11, and never forgot him, his family or the young interpreter Rosario Zegarra who now runs Casa Sana, Peru.

So thinking caps were donned, some in Europe, some in Peru and some in the US, and a plan was formed and funded. On April 12th Diego will start training as a “Retroexcavator Operator” with Global Mining in Piura. Once he has completed the training and receives his license, there will be opportunities for him to find a well paid job. Then he will be in a great position to “pay it forward” to his siblings and others.

Casa Sana is proud to have Diego as one of our teens and we are looking forward to publishing updates of his progress. Diego is grateful to have been given this opportunity and has promised to work hard to succeed.