• Casa Sana Is A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit located at 6809 Sleret Ave. Vancouver, WA 98664
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  • www.thriveperuexperience.com

Casa Sana presents The Thrive Peru Experience - a life changing immersion into the Peruvian Culture through voluntourism and community service. Become part of the Casa Sana family with a 3 day experience with Contribution, Culture and Connection. www.thriveperuexperience.com



Help Fight Against Educational Inequality

Casa Sana seeks to establish “Healing Houses” in Piura, Peru, that will act as a residence and workplace for our young adults from the surrounding communities. The residence area of the "Healing House" will provide a safe place to stay as they attend college, as well as teach them additional skills necessary to succeed. The business area will provide the "Healing House" with business training for the residents, and self–sustainability; not only for the house, but the community it will reside in. By taking advantage of local resources and businesses, it will cultivate an environment of self-propelled growth within the community's economy.


  • Phase 1: Complete! Research new location for establishing a "Healing House".
  • Phase 2: Complete! Establish a system of sponsorships for young adults in the community.
  • Phase 3: Generate funding and local connections for the building of the "Healing House".
  • Phase 4: Start construction.
  • Phase 3 in Piura, Peru

    We currently sponsor about 13 Casa Sana Kids in Peru, which cost on average of $3000 per person annually, we are beginning to seek further funding for phase 3 of our vision. To begin breaking ground and running the "Healing House", we need to generate about $250,000! Any monthly or one-time donations, no matter how small, will definitely help in bringing sustainability to those in Peru, and break the cycle of poverty. Your support will help us create change agents that will inspire family members, members of the community and the country.

    3D Model of Our Healing House