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A Good Sense of Humor

A Good Sense of Humor

Special Guest Article by Casa Sana Kid Mary Carmen

A lot of experiences in my life have helped me to grow up, and I want to share one of these latest experiences that brought me the following lesson with you. Nothing in life is just given to us. We all should work hard to achieve our goals and never forget something very important while doing so; a good sense of humor!

During the summer, which is during your winter, I was looking for a job. I knew it was not going to be easy to find one because I’m not 18 yet, but I needed to find one that could help me to save some money to help my parents come up with the money needed to pay the enrolment fee for college.

I asked all my friends to recommend me to any available summer jobs. I also went to Rosario Zegarra, our Casa Sana coordinator for Peru, who helped me to do research among our friends and acquaintances. A couple of days passed and Rosario called me on the phone to give me the good news; "You start to work tomorrow as a school librarian assistant!"

I can’t deny that my first thought was "Bah! Very easy task for me!" However, I couldn’t be more mistaken than that! The school librarian is Rosario’s youngest aunt, who welcomed me with open arms, with tons of patience and good humor.

This job has been a real challenge for me. I worked three hours per day from Tuesday to Friday. My tasks were sometimes tiresome because I needed to fill cards, help clean the book shelves and do everything related to the inventory. Half of my duties required a good memory and sometimes my mind played tricks on me, but I finished everything on the requested time.

I will always be thankful at God, at my family, my friends, Rosario and to her aunt, because everyone encouraged me to keep achieving my dreams. It has been a wonderful working experience! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I hope what I have written about my first summer job helps you in any way, especially if you think that things don’t go as you plan. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and that we always have to DREAM BIG and WORK HARD!