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Interview with Belen Paredes

Interview with Belen Paredes

Mary Suarez interviews Belen after she finished the English summertime course at the University of Piura.

  1. Mary: Do you think that the methodology used in the language center to teach English as a second language is appropriate? Why?

    Belen: Yes, I think it was very appropriate because the teacher always cared about every student. The teacher explained everything until each one of us understood, and then moved on to the next subject.

  2. Mary: If you could change the strategy to improve your learning experience, how would you do that?

    Belen: Maybe using more pictures, songs and movies because it gives us more chances to learn new words and expressions.

  3. Mary: Do you have a good relationship with the other students?

    Belen: Yes. Everyone has been very nice to me. Most of them already had some English knowledge and helped me out with the words I didn’t know.

  4. Mary: Have you made any friends among the boys and girls you met at English class?

    Belen: Of course! They all were very kind and friendly to me and I acted likewise.

  5. Mary: Are you happy with the opportunity given to you to start a course of English as a second language? Why?

    Belen: Yes, I’m very happy because I always was interested in learning English, but I couldn’t do it because I attended a public school where we didn’t have any English teacher.

  6. Mary: Did you like English language before taking these classes?

    Belen: As I stated before, I always felt curious about learning a second language because it is the best tool to communicate with foreign people.

  7. Mary: Did you ever ask for extra help to do your English homework?

    Belen: Yes, I did it sometimes. I also used the help of a bilingual dictionary.

  8. Mary: Which subject of all have you enjoyed the most? Why?

    Belen: The one I’ve enjoyed the most is how to give directions to people in English. It was very fun and also useful. I think I could become a good bilingual guide.

  9. Mary: Which part did you not like at all? Why?

    Belen: The grammar part of Past Simple against Present Perfect; I get very confused with the verbs.

  10. Mary: How have you been developing yourself in every class?

    Belen: I think it has been good in general terms, but I of course have made a lot of mistakes along the way.

  11. Mary: Could you grade yourself - on your English knowledge - from 1 to 10?

    Belen: I think I grade myself with a 7. I feel I went from zero to 7 this summertime. I didn’t know any English at all when I started to take this course.

  12. Mary: Do you think you are prepared to start a conversation with an English native person? Why?

    Belen: I think I am, but I need to find more confidence on what I have learned. I usually get shy or nervous. I’m afraid the English words won’t come up the right way and then I just decide to keep quiet.

  13. Mary: Which career would you like to pursue as a profession? Do you think studying English would help to boost your career?

    Belen: My vocational test says I can study any career, but I have chosen gastronomy. I’d like to become a chef. I believe English knowledge would boost any career because it gives you the opportunity to establish relationships with people around the world. It means I've learned a global language.

  14. Mary: Do you use English on your daily life?

    Belen: I use some words and phrases trying not to forget what I’ve learned, but then I have to switch it to Spanish because my mom and my sister – they don’t know any English - think I’m teasing them.

  15. Mary: Do you believe it has been a very short time to learn English? Do you feel you need more time to keep learning the basics of English language?

    Belen: Yes, it has been a crash course. I definitely need more time to keep on learning and if I get the chance to study more English, I would be very thankful.

  16. Mary: Are you okay with the grades you obtained at English class?

    Belen: No, I think I could have done it better, but my lack of confidence on expressing myself (out loud) in English didn’t allow me to show my teacher and my classmates all the progress I’ve reached.