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Mary Carmen: Pay It Forward Tuesday

Mary Carmen: Pay It Forward Tuesday

It is true that life is full of obstacles, but these challenges are the salt and pepper to our daily routine, or at least that is how I see life.

Now I feel I’m growing as a young woman and I like it. I can’t deny I have had rough times, but my dreams are bigger than anything. I have experienced some frustration because I finished secondary school two years ago and I haven’t had a chance to go to college yet because of the lack of financial resources at home. I’ve been doing different things since then and today I can say all these activities have turned me into a more responsible person. It’s not easy to find a job if you have zero working experience and if you are under 18 years old.

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to go to college – I want to become a journalist. I know I need to save a lot of money because I will be spending cash on transportation, school supplies, etc. Casa Sana has helped me a lot by getting me an intern position in a local advertising and marketing company. There, I learned to use a photo and video camera to make video animation and editing, and to understand some basic knowledge on marketing campaigns. It was a good time and I thank Casa Sana for allowing me this chance to learn important things for my current and future life.

At present time, I’m working in a taxi company as a phone operator and I’m enjoying my time and every single skill I’m learning on this job. Thanks to Mr. Leo Cortez, who is the official Casa Sana driver here in Piura, because he recommended me to be hired as a phone operator. This is my first job after turning the legal age and I feel really happy.

Because life has granted me with very fulfilling experiences and Casa Sana always encourages us to think of others, I’ve decided to start my very own “Pay it Forward Project”. A month ago, I chose two school girls that study in the school where my dad is a teacher, to help them improve their school grades because they were at the risk of failing the current school year.

I go to Diana’s house every week and help her to study and to do her homework. She invited her friend Fiorella to join us so now we have a study group. I basically help them with Spanish and Mathematics. There are days when a couple of kids from the neighborhood join us as well. Their grades have significantly improved and I hope they keep up the hard work and finish this school year (in December) with success.

It feels so good to give back to the universe what has been given to us!

Muchas gracias Casa Sana!

Mary Carmen Suarez Ruiz.