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Casa Sana presents The Thrive Peru Experience - a life changing immersion into the Peruvian Culture through voluntourism and community service. Become part of the Casa Sana family with a 3 day experience with Contribution, Culture and Connection. www.thriveperuexperience.com

Pay It Forward Challenge

Pay It Forward Challenge

Posted by Sue Jones on behalf of Casa Sana.

On July 12 she said:

"To ALL my friends on Linkedin - I have a "pay if forward" challenge for you! If you do not already know, CASA SANA is a non profit started in Peru by my good, and long time friend Madena. The concept is one I think we can all relate to - how many of you already support something like a Feed the Children campaign? Well, many of us do, but did you know that once they graduate from school, it just ends? They are back into their communities, but there is not much out there to end the cycle.

So - Casa Sana was created to help young men and women after school, to go to college or learn trades - to go on to be valuable members of their communities and pay it all forward!

Exciting? YES! So here is my challenge..."I" am going into this site and make a donation. I challenge at least 5 of my LinkedIn friends to go in and do the same. When you do, post it and challenge 5 of your friends and so forth and so forth.

The current goal is to build a place for all this to happen! WE can help! ANYTHING you can give can help! Spreading the word can help! PLEASE HELP!

It is easy to do - if you any questions, feel free to ask! But most of all help people!
If we help them, we help ourselves.....Thank you and I look forward seeing the results!"

Go to casasana.org/donate or Razoo