• Casa Sana Is A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit located at 6809 Sleret Ave. Vancouver, WA 98664
  • 360-281-6919
  • madena@casasana.org
  • www.thriveperuexperience.com

Casa Sana presents The Thrive Peru Experience - a life changing immersion into the Peruvian Culture through voluntourism and community service. Become part of the Casa Sana family with a 3 day experience with Contribution, Culture and Connection. www.thriveperuexperience.com


Casa Sana currently has 13 teens/young adults who need your help.

We are making it VERY easy for you to sponsor all of our kids at once. For just $25 a month you will make a huge impact on these kids.

What will the funds be used for?

  • School Supplies
  • Prep school
  • Entrance exams
  • Counseling sessions with our psychologist
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • English classes
  • Tuition
  • Emergency medical/dental
  • Building of the Casa Sana house

The Casa Sana House will be a safe and quiet place for kids to study, receive mentoring and empowerment, a hot meal/shower/bed to sleep in when needed.

Our goal is to make Casa Sana self-sustaining after the initial build. Our vision is to have a Casa Sana Bakery to provide income. The Bakery will also provide a place for the kids to intern and learn a job skill.

During this internship we will be able to assess which areas of work the kids excel in and steer them towards a trade school or degree at the University that best suits them.

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