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Impacting the Kids of Peru

Casa Sana:
ENGAGES under privileged kids.
EMPOWERS them through coaching/mentoring, tutoring, counseling, community service, English Classes and Empowerment Curriculum.
EDUCATES by providing prep school, entrance exam fees and career counseling.

Our Current Focus

Due to recent flooding in the area, the Casa Sana House is crumbling. We need to rebuild. With this house we build confidence, build skills, and build futures. Help us build the space to do that! Want to make an impact? Help by clicking below.

What the Kids are Saying…

“I want my neighbors to understand that we all have the possibility of changing our lives. They need to believe that we all are able to find respectable jobs (if we study and work hard) instead of just hanging out in the streets.”

Alex’s studies will last for three years and his biggest dream is to become a specialized technician. He wants to start his own company or small business.


“Here in Casa Sana, we care about each other and most important, we care about others. We do social work as a reminder of that there is always someone less fortunate than we are and that we are here to bring hope.

I can be a role model for anyone who wants to fulfill his/her dreams. Becoming a great architect with a very good job will give me the chance to provide financial support to my family.”


“Casa Sana is about supporting each other, but we cannot forget about people who need more help than us. The main objective we are here for is to generate change.

I was admitted in the Communication and Media Faculty (Journalism) at the public college Universidad Nacional de Piura, by passing a written admission test. I am very excited about this new chapter in my life.”


Our Current Programs

Life-Changing Experience

Youth Community Service

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Change a Life Today

Help us empower these kids to get an education and become future change makers. It doesn’t take much to change a life, get in touch today and start making the difference.