Building Powerful Change Agents

Casa Sana empowers youth to be self-confident, compassionate and empathetic leaders. We do this through our programs.

Engage. Empower. Educate.
Casa Sana empowers teens through community service, our after school programs, English Classes, coaching, counseling and mentoring. We are creating Change Agents who are in turn creating more Change Agents.

After School Program

Tutoring + Empowerment leads to higher education.

Our After-school program provides one-on-one tutoring to those students who are lagging in their studies or just need help with homework.

$120 each month for 4 kids!$30 per kid

Our kids are loving this after-school program! We love that, but we don’t have an endless supply of funds. Want to make an impact? Help by clicking below.


English Classes

Expanding minds and possibilities.

Our English Classes are providing our kids with the basics of the English Language, which will enable them to apply for higher paying jobs and have many more opportunities.

$400 each month for 20 kids!$20 per kid

Adding the English language to the kids’ skill set is adding a plethora of opportunities. Want to make an impact? Help by clicking below.


Community Service

Empowerment. One interaction at a time.

Our Community Service program is top-notch. Our Casa Sana Kids research, plan and implement a community service project once a month, for those that are less fortunate.

$100 each month!

This allows our kids to take a leadership role, problem solve, learn public speaking, organization and planning while gaining a different life perspective. By serving others it takes our kids out of a victim mentality and creates empathetic and compassionate leaders.