Casa Sana ENGAGES under privileged kids, EMPOWERS them through coaching/mentoring, tutoring, counseling, community service, English Classes and Empowerment Curriculum and promotes higher EDUCATION by providing prep school, entrance exam fees and career counseling.

How We Do It

Engage – Casa Sana kids are recommended to us by local teachers and principles. The recommended kids and families are evaluated through our interview process. The kids are required to participate in a regular monthly community service project to show their ability to interact and engage with elders, peers and children.
Empower – Once they’re vetted, they receive coaching/mentoring, tutoring, counseling, English Classes, Empowerment Curriculum and they engage in community service.
Educate – After graduating secondary school (high school), they are provided with additional tutoring, career counseling, prep school and entrance exam fees.

The Casa Sana House

The Casa Sana House is a meeting place full of empowerment, mentoring, laughter and love. It is where our kids come to learn, receive tutoring, learn a new language, receive counseling for family/school/personal issues and encouragement to strive for higher education. It is a place where they know they are part of a group of people who encourage you to be the best you can be.

Being a Casa Sana kid means you are part of our family, it is where they BELONG.