Books: Endless Dreams – Public School 14007

Casa Sana started to collect books in July 2012. We knocked on every doors to get books for the children and we were successful. We received stories and short novels, magazines and poems.

Believe it or not, we collected 280 books!!! And the big day to give these books to school children enrolled at Public School 14007 finally came: November 9th, 2012.

Since that day we’ve been supporting this public school because we see teachers and students at 14007 are very engaged to the improvement of the quality of education. The reality of Peruvian education system is pretty low and we want to generate change. Because we work with teens and young adults as part of our sponsorship program, it doesn’t mean we don’t care about children. We encourage our Casa Sana kids to become the role models these school children need.

It’s certainly hard for our Casa Sana kids to read and process information correctly because they just didn’t have a chance to have a good book to start reading and enjoying this activity. It takes them a double or triple effort to read their college papers and we don’t wish this trouble to happen to any other Peruvian child.