This is the first meeting of the year for parents. They made a stop on their busy… routines to come to Casa Sana house and receive the first results of their kids’ vocational tests.

Jessica, our psychologist, made a clear explanation on the things we need to work hard as a team. Most of our second generation kids will be graduating from secondary school in December 2016. Their school classes will start on March 21st and from then we will have 9 months to do as much as possible to help them clarify his doubts about educational training, jobs, paths in life, etc.

The tests have also shown our kids need to have an environment at home where they can study and do their homework. We have a space here in Casa Sana for them to learn or re-learn to read, to make good use of the Internet, to do research on the things that will benefit them.

We have set up the goals for this year and parents have understood that this is TEAMWORK. They and we have to work together as the family we claim to be for our little change agents to become big.

We also watched a video of a well-known Peruvian psychologist and vocational orientation expert. It lasted 25 minutes and parents were paying total attention to it.

One of the highlights of that interview is when he looks at the camera and says to the camera:

Dear parents, the best gift you can give to your kids is the freedom of dreaming and believing in themselves. If any of the parents feel frustrated about their own dreams, then work on that by yourselves, but do not compromise your kids’ future because you think they are here to make your dreams come true.

Your kids are here to make their dreams become their goals in life and then turn into the true events of their lives.

We all are here for a reason. Let your kids discover and learn their purpose in life. To build and to construct their lives based on their vocation: that call from within our hearts, minds and spirits that tell us to find our place in this world.

This is one of the pillars of Casa Sana work with children and teens: TO BE ABLE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION “WHY I CAME