Paying It Back For Those without Electricity

September 8th, 2013 the Casa Sana team spent the day in the remote village of Santa Cruz. It is about an hour drive outside of the city of Piura, Peru They do not have running water and some do not have electricity. We wanted to show the Casa Sana kids the concept of “paying it forward”.

Team member Betty Gutierrez gave a class on personal care and nutrition for the women of the village, while the Casa Sana kids with the help of Elsa Albirena, Luisa Bravo, Jessica Coronado and Cesar Crisanto entertained the village children with games, dancing and singing.

Our idea was to allow the moms in the village a few hours focusing on themselves while the Casa Sana kids and Casa Sana collaborators entertained their children. A Sunday morning off for moms was priceless.

The day was a huge success! The Casa Sana kids who live in the city where able to experience a day in the village, while the village women received knowledge on personal care and nutrition. The children of Santa Cruz thought it was a fun day as they received a few treats and learned how to jump rope and play hacky sac. The learning process was a little slow but we left the items behind so they could practice. Maybe the next time we visit Santa Cruz they can show us Americans how Peruvians jump rope and play hacky sac!

It was a fulfilling day for us all and a day to remember!