Christmas Celebration at the Public School for Children with Special Needs

In preparation for our Christmas community service project, the Casa Sana kids agreed to organize a raffle. The reffle would have two groceries baskets as prizes. The Raffle was going to take place on December 22nd.

The money raised by the raffle was to purchase candies and Christmas presents for the children that attend the Public School for Children with Special Needs

The Casa Sana kids started to sell raffle tickets among their friends and family. At the same time they also were coloring Christmas pictures that we used as invitations for the kids. Also, singing rehearsals started to take place at Cesar Crisanto’s house, ase we had to get ready for the Christmas recital we were planning for the Children with Special Needs.

Cesar Crisanto is the head of a church chorus formed by teenagers. The name of the group is “Deus in Nobis”. These teens helped us to practice the songs we were going to perform on December 14th; their support meant a lot to us. They taught us to sing and we taught him to pronounce English words correctly since we all were going to sing “Hey Jude” and “I want to wish you a Merry Christmas”. We counted with the assistance of an English teacher, Pilar Correa, who gave Basic English lessons to our Casa Sana kids.

So the day of our Christmas visit to the school was just full of memories that will always be present in our minds and hearts. Casa Sana kids welcomed every single school kid and gave them an elf hat and a Christmas balloon.

Then our celebration began with a speech written and read by Rosario Zegarra. Then we all started singing Christmas songs in Spanish and our two special songs in English.

We had party favor bags and chocolate milk, fruit cake and candies for all these angels. We spent an amazing time with them!

We also had the help of a neighborhood kid by the name of Luis Mena. He put a Santa Claus costume on and was the one in charge of giving the presents to every child.

At the end of the celebration we had picture time and everybody wanted a photograph with Santa Claus (known in Latin America as Papa Noel).

It was a fun filled day! The Casa Sana team really enjoyed our time with the kids.