Beach Cleaning Campaign

On Saturday January 18th, 2014 Belen, Mary Carmen, Victor, Alex along with good Casa Sana friends and supporters Cesar, Ana, Alejandra, Ana Paula and Rosario headed west toward one of the local beaches. The name of the beach is “Las Gaviotas” (The seagulls) and it is part of the province of Paita.

Many people come to this beach once summer vacation starts (all the summer beach activities start on New Year’s Eve) and “Las Gaviotas” is generally chosen by young people because they can come and camp here. They bring tents, sleeping bags, food, drinks and everything they need to spend a good time with friends. The “only” thing they “forget” is to pick up their disposal items and garbage.

Casa Sana kids were asking for a get together summer activity and we all thought that we could combine being thankful to nature + having fun = great time together and we decided to go Las Gaviotas beach on a Saturday morning.

It took us 45 minutes to get there and the hard work started! You just have no idea of all the things we found in the sand. So terrible the way we act toward mother nature! You can see the pictures of all the garbage bags we got to use on that day!

We also brought some posters with thoughtful messages on protecting the beach and the environment for people there to read and change their attitude.

After working hard on cleaning as much as possible, our fun day at the beach started. We played games, we swam and we shared lunch and tons of laughs.

With our bodies and souls connected to earth and giving thanks to Casa Sana for making this trip possible.