Bringing dental hygiene to a village in poverty

Today the Casa Sana team went into the village of Cura Mori for our community service day. Our kids went to teach the villagers about dental hygiene with the donations from Evergreen Dental. This visit to Cura Mori was emotionally challenging because of the extreme poverty there, but very rewarding at the same time.

Something Casa Sana tries to teach our kids through community service days like this, “there is always going to be someone who is less fortunate than you, no matter what your situation is. We need to pull those people up” ~ Madena Parsley (Founder).

With help from the Casa Sana Elders, the Casa Sana Kids taught about 40 kids how to brush their teeth. Each Casa Sana kid had about ten kids. Without the help of Rosario, huge projects like this would be a mess, we have to give a huge shout out for her assistance in everything we do down in Peru.

It became very apparent early on, that some these kids have never seen a tooth brush. “As an American mother, I could not fathom my child never having access to a toothbrush.” ~ Madena. But despite that, the kids were amazingly patient and attentive!

We finished our visit there with the mothers of the village, teaching a class on self empowerment & self-esteem. Jessica, one of the members of our team, did a wonderful job teaching the class and empowering the women of this village with the knowledge that they are able to raise a generation that could change the world for the better.